Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Two-Edged Sword of Single Life

I find living the single life to be a two-edged sword. It has its positives and negatives. I've truly struggled with being single for years. I've been divorced now going on nine, have had only one relationship since then. I've met men at online dating sites and they've come and gone as quickly as a click of a mouse. Most of these men have been on there for years. I have no idea what they expect, besides younger women to stroke their egos. All the men at work are married and those who are not have alternative lifestyles. There's 5,000 people who come and go at my church, and 40% of them are single...but we never talk or cross paths. The single group has a whopping 30 or so in it. I'm not sure where the other 1,970 other singles are hiding.

As far as family goes, I have one brother 2,000 miles away who I haven't seen in 10 plus years. No other siblings. My parents are long gone and buried. I have one son, who is married and busy with his own life. As far as friends, who has the time? I work 40 plus hours a week. Come home, try to take care of the rest of life. I occasionally try to hook up at people with church. I recently thought I'd go to a new Sunday class to meet other people, but I was the only person to show up. So I never returned. I have friends at work, but they go home to their husbands and children. The singles there are young, who have families to surround them.

So out of frustration, I figured that there has to be a lot of other people out there like me, who either love being single, trying to survive being single, or are just trying their best to find a mate. This blog gives me purpose. It gives me something to do besides look at my dog and watch meaningless TV shows every night. I might as well try and embrace that which I hate the most and try to help other singles in the same boat. Being alone.