Friday, April 18, 2008

Dear Readers....

I have decided that I will probably abandon this blog for the moment to focus on my Phantom one, which seems to have an extremely high interest. It is also more time consuming in posting, because of researching behind the story, etc.

I originally started my website and this Just One Single blog hoping that I could use it as a venue to reach out to other singles and provide encouragement and help. But as my earlier posts represent below, most are just focused on getting "out" rather than trying to find the strength to make it through. I've also had a huge education in website development and paying for those little clicks and hosting to drive visitors to my sites. I invested around $700 between October and December of last year to advertise, with no luck, and made no payable commissions on any of my affiliate links.

This is really about priorities for me at the present time, as well. I've started a fiction writing class this week at a community college, which no doubt will swallow much of my time, along with working two jobs, and running after the Phantom during it all.

I hope you understand. I want to thank those of you who have emailed me and said that one of my posts touched your heart. As long as I was successful in touching one person, I'm happy. I will leave the blog up and not delete it, but if I do post again, it may be sometime.