Saturday, January 19, 2008

Rescue Me

It's been an interesting journey having a website for singles at I've accomplished the Google challenge of coming up in the top 15 in the keyword search "Single Help," but traffic to my site has been fairly low. I'm observing an interesting trend in the single world that most people would rather be rescued from single life than strengthened in single life. My web poll stats tell the story.

*83% are divorcees
*17% never married
*33% are surviving single life
*67% are trying to change it
*0% are loving it

Pretty much tells it all. The majority of us are looking to be rescued from single life, which makes me wonder if I missed the mark and should have started a dating site instead. The votes are in, we all want out. Looks like we want rescuing instead of help.

Hang in their, friends! Rescue is on the way.

"Rescue me. Oh take me in your arms. Rescue me. I want your tender charms. 'Coz I'm lonely and I'm blue. I need you and your love too. Come on and rescue me. " Rescue Me." (written by R. Miner/C. Smith. )