Sunday, March 23, 2008


Whether or not you're a Christian and celebrate Easter today, resurrection is still a good thought to ponder. Resurrection -- a rising from the dead.

I think most of us divorcees will agree there has been death in our past, and not the kind of the literal mortal sense of the death of a body. The type of death I speak of here is more along the lines of relationships. Marriages that were once alive and breathing, that are now past and buried in the memories of our lives. We can carry grief over broken marriages for quite some time, as well as a feeling of failure and a fear to try again.

However, there comes a time for all of us, that we must resurrect the dead feelings within us to carry on in life and perhaps find new love once again. Maybe it will take a miracle to resurrect your desire to find love once again because of the hurt you have experienced. Sometimes I think it will in my life. We must have hope though that there is life after the death of a marriage. It's a hope that all of us must possess, otherwise we will just continue to live in the graveyards of our past never forever doomed to walk among ghosts of failure and pain.

This Easter day, I pray that if you've been through divorce and the pain associated with it, that the hope that lies dormant inside of you of finding love again will resurrect to new life. May your next relationship be an eternal one. God bless.