Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Masks We Wear

Okay, I'll be the first to admit, I like wearing a mask. I've been so wrapped up in Phantom blog I probably think more about the symbolism in that story, than I do about living my life as a single. After all, the ending song is learn to be lonely, right? I've added the lyrics below, so you can sing along. In case you've forgotten the Phantom's plight in life.\

Anyway, I love masks. I found this mask on iStockphoto (paid my $1 right to use it). It's one of the masks someone wore at the Venice Carnival in Italy. If you've never looked at the carnival, you should Google the event and read about it. It's quite a big deal -- people dress up in elaborate costumes with masks pretending to be someone else. Great way to escape for a day, become a character or a person you'd like to look like.

I've been joking on MySpace that this mask is my cheap face lift. At 58, hey, works for me. No pain. I look as good, if not better, than I did at 28! I can continue to hide behind it while I reach out to others, hiding my own pain, fears, failures, and whatever other ghosts I deal with daily. I've yet to find someone I can truly trust to take my mask off for. That, of course, takes intimacy and a bit of courage to do so.

Whatever mask you like to hide behind, I'd be curious to know. You should check out some of the photos of the fair and pick one out. A little fantasy doesn't hurt too much. Especially when living alone can be such a challenge.