Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bigger and Whiter

Sigh.... I'm so tired of receiving spam emails to tell me I need to take a pill to enlarge a body part I don't possess. Do they not read names when they send out these stupid emails?? It's Vicki not Victor. Are all the men getting the enlarge your breasts spam emails, while the women get the enlarge your.....? Well you know. Are we suppose to forward these offer for pills if we don't have those parts to our friends or spouses of the opposite sex?

When I'm done dealing with tons of trash emails a day to enlarge and peek at what I don't have, then I go to web pages and am bombarded with pictures of people's mouths grinning at me with their yellow teeth turned white. Please, be honest with me. Do you find these ads enticing? Are you going to buy those products from clicking on open gross mouths of white or yellow teeth? Frankly, I despise those ads and can't wait to get off the page of gaping mouths peering at me.

How about the wrinkle cream ad? There you go. Right up my alley. Take a picture of a 20 year old girl, make her look like 80 with computer photo manipulation and tons of wrinkles, slap the cream on her face, and tell me I'm going to look like her at 20 again. Sorry, I've tried it. Don't work.

Those are only a few irritating reminders that come my way every day that I need to change something to be acceptable to the world around me. White teeth, straight teeth, no wrinkles, scars gone, split hairs mended, body odor masked, nails trimmed, smooth feet, and the list goes on. In fact it's endless. Every part of our body is targeted for sex appeal.

What is wrong with us? Please tell me people are really not making money off these ads from vulnerable lonely individuals wanting to look bigger and prettier in order to find love. What message are we sending ourselves or our kids for that matter?

Let's get back to basics. We are a society brainwashed by the media that if we don't look right or smell right, there's got to be something wrong with us. Even the movie stars who have all the beauty in the world don't possess the greatest love lives or lasting marriages. It should be a clue to us that perfection and beauty isn't necessarily the pill for success or happiness.

As a single, I really think there is a lot of pressure from the media on us in our search for love. We are constantly bombard every single day that our appearance in one way or the other is the most important thing in our lives for acceptance and success. It doesn't seem to matter if a decent personality goes along with it or not. We are visually stimulated by beauty, strive for an ideal that is almost impossible to reach, and spend millions of dollars in the process of doing so.

If I can give anything to anyone in life, it's the gift of unconditional love and acceptance, and it doesn't cost a dime.

Sorry for the rant. Gosh that last set of teeth just set me off!


(PS...hope you appreciate the humor in it all. My Phantom friends will understand that all we really want is to be loved for ourselves.)