Sunday, August 30, 2009

Overdrawn Checkbook Syndrome

Years ago when I tried to save my failing marriage, back in the dark ages, my ex-husband and I went to marriage counseling. It lasted about three sessions.

Well, anyway, I did learn something in my three 50-minute visits, and that was the analogy of the checking account. My counselor told us this: Marriage is like a checking account. You start off with a large deposit, and then each of you take withdrawals throughout the years from one another. However, if you don't continue to make deposits into the account, you'll eventually end up in the red - overdrawn as it were - ending in a bankrupt marriage.

That story always stuck in my head for some reason, but today it really hit home. Life was pressing in, and I remembered the checking account. I have a single checking account now. When I opened the account, it was a low beginning balance. Since I've had it for 10 years now, I've written checks and made deposits. Lately though, I think I've overdrawn myself. I'm feeling burned out, tired, lonely, neglected, always giving and writing checks, and never making deposits for myself in return. And dang it, I don't have overdraft protection either!

I guess this is turning into a personal checking account lesson in life, that as singles we are the ones who make the deposits into our own lives. We don't have spouses or boyfriends or whoever to replenish our dwindling funds with periodic deposits. If we're not careful, we can write too many checks spending our lives for others and end up overdrawn.

So today, I went to the beach. Took a three hour ride. Looked at the ocean and the white waves I hadn't seen in a year. Stuck my CD in and blared it full blast while traveling down the road. Stopped and had a fish fillet at MacDonalds, played a twenty spot and the casino, and came home.

I keep forgetting to make deposits into my own life. If I don't, one of these days somebody just might close my account for non-sufficient funds! Then I'd really be in trouble.

Take time for yourself folks! Make a few deposits. It helps when you're feel overdrawn.