Wednesday, August 25, 2010

All The Lonely People

Wow, what a shock! I was eating my lunch and thought I would check the stats on my blog today. Just One Single is my my second most popular blog; Lessons From the Phantom of the Opera is number one.

Occasionally, I check what are the most popular posts being read and the most popular search terms that land people upon my blogs. Frankly, my discovery today nearly brought me to tears.

For my Just One Single blog, the most read page is a little post I did some time back entitled, "Why Can't I Find Love?" I discovered today from the stats on Google analytics tracking my site that that question is the most popular search term entered, which leads people to this blog. That is so sad that I want to run out and hug every one of you!

Here are the search terms in order of popularity - if you can call it that:
  1. Why can't I find love
  2. Can't find love
  3. Why can't I find love and happiness
  4. Why I cannot find love
  5. I can't find love
I will admit, the question stays unanswered for me too, though I don't ask it as much as I use to in the past 11 years. It seems, however, there are plenty of people asking the same question; suddenly I don't feel so alone.

Not to get religious on all of you, but there is a sentence in the Bible that might contain one answer to the quandary:

"Because lawlessness will increase, the love of many people will grow cold."
(Matthew 24:12)

Whether you take that statement as truth or not, it seems to me it's coming to pass in my lifetime. Society is changing. Values are changing. Morals are changing. Violence is more prevalent in television, movies, games, other forms of entertainment, and real life. Have all these changes affected our ability to love one another because our hearts are becoming hard? Is the society we live in deadening our emotions? Are we merely victims of social change running around asking why...why? I am seriously beginning to wonder.

Perhaps it would make me feel better if I could blame my loneliness on a prophetic word spoken in the Bible rather than telling myself I can't find love because I'm not worth it in some man's eyes. All I know, is that I am apparently not alone. The search queries testify to that fact.

Singles are looking to the Almighty Google for answers! No doubt they try yelling Yahoo! as well, hoping to find the answer to their question - why can't I find love?

If you find the answer buried in some search engine, please let me know. And please know, you are not alone in your search for an answer to that question in life.

Hugs to you all!