Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Masks We Wear

Last evening while chomping on my popcorn, sitting in my green recliner, and watching TV, I was surfing for something to watch after three hours of Without a Trace reruns (my new addiction).  Anyway, I landed on 20/20 and was fascinated by the show - Catfish (click on link).  I've embedded the trailer below to the movie that will be released.

SPOILER ALERT!  Well, yes, it is a wild ride filled with mystery and surprises.  It's a story of someone who meets someone online and falls in love.  A chance meeting with an eight-year old girl who paints, that leads to her mother, and then evolves into becoming friends with her entire family on Facebook.   The bottom line?  It was all a facade.  A cleverly created world by one woman who played a character by the name of Megan.  They thought she was real, but she was only the figment of a person's imagination and stolen identity using pictures of other people.

It's frankly a fascinating tale about desperate humans who resort to building a make-believe world around them in order to fill the emptiness and feed the need to be something or someone other than who they really are.  The story is not only interesting in that one woman was a master at deceit and manipulation, which she admits to on 20/20, it's a story of a single man that falls in love with an illusion - a beautiful girl he talks to on Facebook, Twitter, and the telephone.  At the end, he discovers it's all a ruse and how that revelation affects him personally is interesting to watch too.

I know quite a few singles, including myself, have gone the online route to find love.  Personally, after seeing this program, it's convinced me it's becoming more dangerous by the day.  No one is safe. Not only women are being fooled, but men as well.

Luckily, no terrible outcome resulted.  No one was hurt physically, but only emotionally with a broken heart.  It really speaks though to the desperation of our lonely world, and the sad fact that some play upon our hurts in order feel better themselves.

After watching this, you might want to check all those "friends" on Facebook and make sure they are real.