Sunday, June 26, 2011

I Apologize...

I know that I have terribly neglected this blog lately, and to my readers I apologize.  Taking care of my granddaughter and working full time has been quite a challenge for me.  To add to the problem, I broke a bone in my shoulder after taking a tumble and am dealing with pain and recovery.

My single life, of course, continues as is.  It's been interesting having my son live with me part-time.  I didn't realize how much I have not missed the man-hairs to clean up in a bathroom after all these years of living alone.  You sort of forget those perks that males leave behind in the sink after shaving and doing other man-type things.  I think if I ever lived with a male again after 12 years of being alone, I would go into shock for the first three over bodily functions, body odor, and hair droppings.  

The other night, I was watching 20/20, who aired a show about and a group of gullible women who got scammed online by men they met on that dating site.  Frankly, it's sort of sad in a variety of ways.  These women trusted words written by men they never met and forked over thousand of dollars to help them when they asked.  They trusted in these guys had fallen in love with them, when all along they were scam artists, some of whom lived abroad.  The scammers had stolen pictures of others from social networking sites, along with their bios, and used them as their own.

Vulnerability, of course, is the big reason these women fell for the scams, because they were lonely and just wanted to be loved.  After years of trying online, I've given that bucket of lies up long, long ago.  It just isn't worth it to me anymore.  I can't imagine becoming emotionally involved with someone typing emails and never having met them face to face.  Even if you do meet someone face to face, who is to say they still won't scam you into believing they love you, when all along they love your wallet instead.  Gosh, the Bachelorette can't even tell face-to-face when a guy is a real jerk and using her.  What's wrong with women these days?  Is our radar broken?  Or are we just plain desperate that we can't think straight? 

Anyway, just wanted to check in and say my posts will continue to be sporadic based upon my personal life and other interests taking priority.  Thanks for your understanding.