Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Updating My Singleness

Yes, yes, I know . . . I hardly ever post here any longer.  The main reason is because my life is consumed (not with another man), with writing and taking care of my two-year old granddaughter.  Anyone with a toddler under foot, understands how your life gets sucked into another universe.  It's almost impossible to do two things at once.

However, I have done two things.  I just released my third novel, The Price of Deception. In addition, I'm maintaining a more active new blog on WordPress, entitled The Legacy Series.  Most of my posts and marketing have been geared toward The Price of Innocence and The Price of Deception.  I was eventually going to swing this blog over to WordPress, too, and am still working on it.

I released The Price of Deception on Kindle and Smashwords Sunday night.  Still waiting for my Library of Congress number, and then it's off to the printers for paperback distribution.  Wanna see?  CLICK HERE  If you want to pop on over and hit the "LIKE" button, I won't break your thumb.   Thumbs up help in being noticed.

At any rate, I thoroughly enjoyed writing this emotional book.  Even though it took a lot out of me, I'm happy with the story and the outcome that sets the scene for Book Three, The Price of Love.  What's in it?  Oh, let's see (strokes chin):  aristocrats, women, brothels, a duel, adultery (oh dear!), deceit, lies, and a bit of mental madness thrown in just to spice it up.

I'll try and post more often, but won't promise too much.  Please hop over and subscribe to my WordPress blog, if you'd like to read my posts more often, even if it's on another subject such as the 19th century way of life..  

Once again, kudos to my very cool cover designer - Robin Ludwig.  I would have liked to commission a cover with bulging abs and boobs, rather than using stock photography, but my budget wouldn't allow it.  Although, I do occasionally drop over to Jon Paul Studios and drool over his work.  Oh, if only I were rich. (WARNING TO LONELY WOMEN CLICKING ON THIS LINK:  I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DROOLING, SWOONING, OR FAINTING OVER YOUR OBSERVATION OF HOT MEN IN THE ARMS OF WOMEN .  PROCEED WITH CAUTION.)