Thursday, February 3, 2011

Alone No More...Well Not What I Had Pictured

Well, I'm no longer living alone.  That's right.  The last time I checked, I was finally settling into a routine of acceptance and peace.  I had buried myself in my work as an author, stopped striving about ever finding love again, and finally  got off my anti depressants, feeling actually happy.  

However, just as I smugly realized I had arrived at a point of contentment, life threw me a curve ball.  Well, not actually a ball - it was my 18-month old granddaughter who landed on my doorstep along with my 26-year old son needing a place to live.  Wait a minute!  I didn't ask for this!  Where's my prince charming?  Where's the love of my life?  Looks like my love is dressed in pink with pig-tails.  Is this God's sense of humor?  (He's snickering...I can feel it.)

As of last week, my life turned upside down.  I ended up moving into a two-bedroom apartment.  My son came home, and my granddaughter entered my life.  Cute as a button.  As of tonight at 6:00 p.m., my son is due to fly back to Alaska for his work.  He goes to the arctic circle every two weeks to work on the pipelines.  When he steps on that plane, I'll be the sole source of my granddaughter's needs.

I was shocked over facing poopey diapers, snotty noses, and little tantrums being part of my life again.  My writing will have to take a back seat.  There will be no time to mourn my loneliness, because my apartment is filled with toys and playpens.  This was not what I signed up for, but I guess God thinks it's what I need or maybe that it's what my granddaughter and son needs.

Needless to say, I'm in a state of shock.  Guess, I'll adjust.  You have to admit, she's a little princess, though.  I have a feeling she's going to wrap me around her little finger very soon.