Sunday, April 24, 2011

Another Holiday

Woke up this morning on a rainy Easter morning thinking of the day ahead. Yesterday it was 70 degrees and sunny, but today is another story with clouds and rain.

Once again, as I hit a holiday, I am reminded of my childhood. Christmas brought its own set of memories to mind, and now I'm reliving my Easters for some reason.

I grew up on an era where Easter was incorporated into society without any qualms. I distinctly remember that on Good Friday the stores in Detroit, Michigan would close from the hours of Noon to 3:00 p.m. in honor of Christ's suffering on the cross. After 3:00 p.m., the suffering would have ended, so we could go shopping again or back to work. Most work places were quite understanding of religious beliefs too and let employees off during those hours to go to church. On Easter Sunday, the stores were closed. Boy, have things changed!

As far as family matters, getting a new dress for Easter was always a big deal. With the new dress came a new hat, gloves, shoes, and a purse. We didn't always go to church every Sunday, but we sure went for Easter. It was the one day I always got to dress up like a pretty little princess.

For some odd reason I always remember sunny warm Easter Sundays, with pictures taken outside on the front porch or in the backyard. We'd go off to church, and then come home for a huge family dinner of ham, which my mother always cooked. Sometimes we would spend it with one of her brothers (she had four), for a family affair where we all got together to celebrate the day.

I suppose my vivid memories that bring such pleasure of happy days with families is an important reminder to me, as I take care of my granddaughter, that building memories for her as a child will be important too. Growing up in stable homes with love is important to become a well-rounded individual as adults.

Yet as I look back upon my childhood memories, I'm still faced with the fact that I'm not sharing it with a significant other during this time of my life. In fact, I was thinking yesterday that it's been 12 years now since my life changed to "single." Even though I had one short serious relationship since that time, I don't seem to count it much anymore out of those 12 years since it didn't culminate in marriage.

I'm not sure where my readers are today or what Easter means to you. Of course, it is a religious holiday for Christians to commemorate the resurrection of Christ, but for others it's merely a day to celebrate that Spring has arrived and think of bunny rabbits, chocolate, and eggs.

However, deep within the meaning from religion to Spring lies a message that things that were once dead have a way of coming back to life again, whether it's a dead body in a grave or a bulb buried deep in the ground that now sprouts from the earth with new life. The flowers bloom, the trees push forth their leaves, and hay fever returns. It's nature's symbol to you that life goes on, even when we think it's dead.

Perhaps that's the message as singles we need to bring to our lives today, that though we have days that feel an awful lot like death - whether we're dead inside from the lack of companionship or dormant in hope that things will ever change - it doesn't necessarily mean it's for eternity. Life has a way of renewing itself.

The next time Spring comes back into your life, it could bloom into that man or woman you've been patiently or impatiently waiting for to save you from your solitude, or it might be a another type of bloom that brings to you grace for another year to survive alone.

Whatever blooms in your life this Easter, have a Happy Easter, dear readers. Happy Easter indeed.