Saturday, July 21, 2012

Filling Up Space

Bored, alone, nothing much to do. I've started another blog reviewing movies and TV shows that I watch on Amazon and Netflix. The sick life of a single. You're welcome to join me at:

Popcorn Entertainment

The least I can do is give you some recommendations on movies to fill up the hours home alone. Sorry, guys, most are chick flicks.


dmoffett said...

"I've dated since she died. I've put my heart out and had it broken. Boohoo, poor me right? It still hurts. It seems your never too old to make a fool of yourself.

Still, I would like to find someone to walk in the sand with. To share my life with."

From my blog: "Loneliness Could Be In Your Future".

Anyone else lonely out there?

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Hello Vicki,
I have quite accidentally whilst surfing the net stumbled across your Blog and have utterly enjoyed a little while of reading your posts.
I look forward greatly to returning to visit. I so hope you will keep posting.
Cheers form Australia (have been single parent, divorced, widowed, married again and about to be single again!) No wonder your Blog caught my attention!