Thursday, January 10, 2013

I Survived the Holidays

I usually post around the holidays.  For some reason, I didn't this year.  Perhaps I didn't have much to say that I haven't said in years past with all my other holiday posts.  Nevertheless, I survived.  If you're reading this, looks like you survived too.  And we all missed the end of the world on top of it.  I'm just sorry I still have to pay my bills and couldn't leave those behind.  Oh, well.

The holidays were all right this year.  First time in years I haven't spent them totally alone or left town to get away from it all.  My son, his girlfriend, my granddaughter, and his girlfriend's daughter came over for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner.  It's a wonder I remember how to cook.  Well, sort of.  The turkey fell apart and was dry; and let's not talk about the overcooked ham that came out like shoe leather.  Hey, at least I tried! I guess too many take-outs and TV dinners have ruined my ability to cook.  

Nothing too much is new, except that I've started talking to a very old friend that I was once engaged to 44 years ago when I was 18. I chickened out and called off the wedding. We stumbled across each other on Facebook and occasionally reminisce about days gone by and how we've aged.  During our exchanges, we've also told each other about our life's journey.  It's been nice to have a kind word with the opposite sex.  Unfortunately, he lives out of state.

I have not gone back to counseling, because I've been consumed with my book marketing and work.  I'm happy to say that my latest release, Conflicting Hearts, has gleaned some wonderful comments from women.  Here are few that have come my way through emails and comments on Facebook.

"Loved it, amazing!"
" this book!!"
"Thank you for a romance that deals with very real issues."
"Just wanted to say WOW.  Truly amazing and inspirational."
"In short, I loved it!"
"It's a real eye opener and should be read by all."
"It's well done, very well done story. I absolutely loved it."

Once again, I cling to my writing to remind myself even though I am alone, I still have purpose.  I can touch others by the written word.

Wishing all my readers a very happy, healthy, peaceful, and loving New Year.